Exploring the Romance Genre - Part 1

February 14, 2022

Hosts: Krossland Shaw

Guests: Lindsay Lundeen, Addie Whelan, Kelcie McKenney, Mary M, Tiff Benson

Hey there folks! This second short pour is going to be a little different than usual- in which, PJ actually isn't in it! That's right, this week we're tackling the ROMANCE Genre, and attacking it with as much panache as possible. Kross is joined by an incredible group of guests who really want to get your gears turning, and help you understand why the Romance Genre is as big and as important as it is.

In part 1, we tackle introductions and credentials, as well as history, Young Adult fiction, and Classical romance. Check out it out, and be sure to hop into part 2 where we discuss the back end of the spectrum.

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