IDK, Tiki Bullshit

IDK, Tiki Bullshit

Based on this picture, all you can tell is that I live in a cold place, and this drink includes some mint leaves. You'll just have to trust me the rest of the ingredients included actually are in this glass.

I basically just added rum and grenadine, then whatever citrus stuff I had in my fridge. I felt like it needed something visible in my tiki glass, so I added mint. Honestly this turned out better than I thought it would.


  • 1.5oz Clear Rum
  • 1.5oz Dark Rum
  • 1.5oz Orange Juice
  • 1.5oz Lime Juice
  • .5oz Grenadine
  • Lime Wedges Garnish
  • Mint Leaves Garnish

Author: PJ Heller

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