Red Rising - Episode 6 - Ch 39 - End

November 26, 2020

Hosts: PJ Heller, Krossland Shaw

Red Rising Saga Red Rising Book 1

Hey listeners! Todays episode explores the last section of the first book in the Red Rising series, the second half of Reaper! We dive into that wild twist of tackling Olympus, taking the fight straight to the proctors. We also talk about a lot of implications- Adrius/Antonia's relationship, Fitchner's reveals, and much much more.

We've got a lot going on next week- there will be three episodes! One will be a wrap-up with our special guest announced here today, which will cover the entire book in a wide-ranging and very intoxicating conversation. Next, will be doing one of our "Single Pour" short episodes covering Stephen King's short story "Laurie". It's available for free, and we'll post the link on the website, as well as twitter. Finally, the same day as "Laurie", we'll release our intro episode to Golden Son.

That looks like a lot when it's written out, but it's only about an extra half hour or so over our usual content releases. Lots to tackle, much to discuss!

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